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Business owners

Divorce: Protecting your future and preserving your wealth

As an Entrepreneur your outcome on divorce will be predicated by many factors. Whether your wealth has been created during the course of the marriage, or you were already a successful business owner before you married, could significantly affect the outcome.  

Where there is significant wealth at stake a court outcome is a more probable end game in such divorce situations.  If that is the situation that arises J E Law can provide you with a depth of expertise on strategy and business valuation, as well as an experienced Court advocate in John Egan, the founder of J E Law.  John's cool head, competitive nature from his Rugby days, knowledge of the legal system, along with many years of experience representing clients in court situations, means the odds of successful outcome are stacked in your favour. 

You need to know what good looks like in your given situation, and also what you are risking by going to court.  Its our job to educate you on the risks , the possible gains, and advise on a strategy to get you there.  

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